Google TV is indefinitely delayed in the UK

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    NOBODY KNOWS anything about when Google TV might tip up in the UK and that is official.

    Despite much hoopla and a launch in the US, along with the first software update yesterday, the search engine company is no closer to bringing the Internet Protocol Television product to Blighty.

    Despite predictions of the end of this year or January 2011, with two weeks to go before the new year Google TV is nowhere near storming the white cliffs of Dover.
    Speaking to Google and Logitech, the manufacturer of a Google TV set top box, both said they had no information whatsoever about when their IPTV products might reach our shores. Sony, which is also signed up to offer Google TV through its tellies and Blu-ray players, was not available for comment.

    Logitech had told The INQUIRER in May that developments would be seen from January 2011, but now those developments seem somewhat distant.

    LINK: Google tv is indefinitely delayed in the uk- The Inquirer

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