Google TV fixes my IP cam display!

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    Here is a very odd thing... I have been struggling to install a Foscam IP cam onto my wifi network. I use the app "IP cam viewer".
    The camera has an embedded DDNS server so this means I can use its inbuilt DDNS name/ip for port forwarding. Everything is set up and then I find I cant see the camera display on my phone. I go online and check my port and its open, check password etc - all seem ok. Check the router make sure the correct device is associated with the open port, fine.

    Now I install the IP cam viewer app on my GS7. The picture displays fine on my TV.
    The GS7 is connected via ethernet and I have its wifi turned off.
    After a few seconds the display miraculously appears on my phone!

    Now switch the GS7 to TV mode

    Go back to the phone and the display is still working.

    Select another password on the phone (I have several set up on the camera eg admin, user, guest). Nothing displays on the phone.

    Go back to Google TV and switch to the home page - a minute or two later the display appears on my phone - what on earth is going on?

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