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    What is it with the website Google Translate translate.google.com ? I entered tablet computer in the search box, for translation from English to Spanish (it's tablet PC). When I went to my history, it showed my having visited Google Translate 7 times!!! Is there some contest going on where a company gets a prize for the number of times they direct users to a website???

    I also did a Google Search for "tablet computer". One of the hits that I visited was cnet.com . When I went to my history to check the search results once again, I specifically clicked a URL (and this has happened a number of times) that began http://www.google.comxxxxxxxx . What happened was I was taken directly to the cnet.com url! So Google is trying to "hog" search results, seemingly, so they can boast about the number of times their URL was visited - and win some damn contest (lol)! Sick.
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