Google Tests New Music Video Search Results

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    Google tests new music video search results | Internet & Media - CNET News (click for full article)

    Music videos are a big deal on YouTube, and Google might be making them much bigger in Search results, too.

    by Seth Rosenblatt September 20, 2013 3:28 PM PDT

    Google appears to be testing a new way to display the top search result for music videos.

    -- Music videos are no small potatoes for YouTube, and Google's looking at making them bigger in Google Search results -- literally.

    As part of Google's quest to more tightly integrate its different services, the company appears to be experimenting with how music videos appear in Google Search results, according to the blog Google Operating System. The top search result for a music video would be significantly larger preview of the video itself, in the style of a Google Now card, with additional information such as the artist name, song title, album name, and year released.

    It's not clear if the preview will let you play the video directly from the search results list, or if you'll have to click through to YouTube. It's also unclear whether Google will be opening this test out to more people.

    A request for comment by Google and YouTube was not immediately returned. CNET will update the story when we hear back from them.

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