Google Supports Hashtag Search, But Snubs Twitter, Facebook

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    Google supports hashtag search, but snubs Twitter, Facebook | Internet & Media - CNET News (click for full article)

    by Jennifer Van Grove - September 25, 2013

    -- Though a little late to the party, Google's search engine has finally embraced #hashtagmania, albeit in a totally self-serving way.

    The search giant announced Wednesday that it's letting people in the US and Canada query its engine for hashtags, meaning now they can type in something like "#emmys" or "#nfl" or "americascup" on Google.com to see related status updates appear to the right of regular results.

    The giant catch is that the featured updates will include only those shared on Google+, Google's own social network. Should you wish to find hashtagged content from Twitter or Facebook on Google, you're out of luck. The search giant does, however, politely link out to those destinations in the regular search results.
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