Google Signs Deal To Launch YouTube TV Channel

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    Google signs deal to launch YouTube TV channel - The Times of India (click for full article)

    "LONDON: Internet search giant Google has signed a deal with UK based satellite TV service Freesat to launch a full-blown YouTube television channel.

    The deal will help to boost YouTube, which last year launched 60 broadcast-style channels featuring programmes by some of the UK's most respected production companies.

    By the end of next month, customers of the BBC and ITV-backed satellite television operator will be able to flick to the YouTube online video site on the main programming guide, instead of having to link up their television sets to the internet or watch YouTube on a computer, the Telegraph reports.

    According to the paper, Emma Scott, managing director of Freesat, said she was a "firm believer" that broadcast television has a long life ahead of it, but that more and more viewers want to see other types of content on the television screen as well.

    Customers of Freesat require a set-top box to access the service but do not have to pay a subscription fee, the paper said.

    The company now has over three million of the devices in 1.7 million UK households, the paper added."
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