Google Should Of Bought TiVo Instead

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    Google Should Have Bought TiVo Instead (GOOG, TIVO) (click for full article)

    by Rick Munarriz - June 7 - 2013

    "Shares of TiVo soared 8% yesterday after the DVR pioneer reached a settlement with Google's Motorola Mobility unit, but the stock's getting slammed this morning after the amount that it will be receiving will be far less than what was originally projected."

    Also mentioned in the article:

    "Google has the money. It's likely going to pay TiVo. Why do that when it could have snapped up TiVo, collect fat royalty checks from others in the entertainment industry, and pave the way for wider acceptance of its fledgling Google TV platform and possibly give Android devices a leg up in home entertainment?"

    And also:

    "it would be able to use its ownership of TiVo's juicy DVR patents to get Hollywood to play along with Google TV. The search giant has struggled to get Google TV going as a result of its failure to negotiate streaming rights with TV studios and broadcasters when it rushed the platform to market. Owning TiVo would change a lot of things. It could steer DVR owners to Google TV, or at least have a better working relationship with the cable and satellite television companies that saw Google TV as a threat instead of an opportunity. Then we get to what's possible with DVR abilities on Android tablets and smartphones at a time when Big G is riding high in mobile computing."
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    I still remember when google was waging a bidding war for skype and before that for HULU. and we all wished both went google.tht would have saved thhe logitech vid cam we bought as well. Google has deep pockets so no worries there.If they ought facebook I'd be hppy for that .as I like G+ better
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