Google reveals Google TV patent: Skip commercials

Discussion in 'Google TV News' started by JohnDroid, Oct 6, 2010.

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    With Google releasing their new Google TV website, it seems they have been working on some patent work involving commercials or at least, how they can be tailored to the consumer's liking. Some of it involves getting statistics of what the viewer is interested in advertisement wise as well as giving them the option to tailor the commercials to what they want to see or if they don't want to see any advertisements at all.

    Their concept of skipping all advertisements may involve the option to choose to take a survey to paying a small fee to watch a show without commercial interruption. For all of this to work, the patent indicates that what ever device is viewing the content will need some sort of computer device/internet connection to function. Seems this could be something they may be including with their Google TV product. The patent is very wordy but there are plenty of examples in it if you want to know more!

    (This post courtesy of Grimblast, we hope to see more from him in the future)

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