Google Play Music Updated With Songza-Style Curated Music Stations

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    Google Play Music updated with Songza-style curated music stations | 9to5Google (click for full article)

    by Joe Rossignol - Oct. 21, 2014

    -- Google announced as part of its acquisition of Songza in July that it would bring some of the music streaming service’s features that users love to Google Play Music. Three months later, the company has followed through with those plans by integrating Songza’s “Concierge” feature with Play Music, enabling users to create contextual expert-curated playlists for an improved listening experience across all platforms.

    The latest version of Play Music automatically prompts users to play music based on mood, time of day or activity, such as songs to listen to during a morning workout, while cooking with friends or while stuck in traffic. The service then provides several music stations to match the situation, curated by a team of experts including dozens of DJs, musicians, music critics and ethnomusicologists.

    Google Play Music project manager and Songza co-founder Elias Roman provided me with a first look at the updated version of Play Music ahead of its release, claiming that the streaming service is unrivalled in terms of its ability to provide contextually-aware music that is right for any moment. Overall, I was impressed with the improvements that make Play Music a much more personable service.

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