Google Play Movies and Google Play Music Websites Get Native Chromecast Support

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    Google Play Movies and Google Play Music websites get native Chromecast support ? Tech News and Analysis (click for full article)

    by Janko Roettgers - Dec. 12, 2013

    Summary: Users are now able to launch music and movie streams from the web, just like has been possible with YouTube and Netflix since Chromecast launched.

    -- Google Play Music and Google Play Movies just got a bit more tightly integrated with Chromecast: Users of Google's TV dongle can now launch music and video streams straight from the websites of the two services, thanks to native support for Google's streaming stick that was rolled out Thursday afternoon. Previously, native casting was only available through both service's mobile apps.

    The new experience is very similar to the way Chromecast integrates with Netflix and YouTube, where users can fling a video to their Chromecast-equipped TV set simply by pressing the cast button within the video player, provided they have Chrome and the Google Cast extension installed.
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