Google Play For Android To Get New Features

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    Google Play for Android expected to get new features | Android Atlas - CNET Reviews (click for full article)

    by Scott Webster - Dec. 6, 2013

    -- Google is expected to roll out an updated version of the Google Play app for Android, according to Android Police, which hosts an unverified version of the app (download at your own risk).

    The blog, which often gets its hands on early releases of apps, says that the 4.5.10 release brings a number of new features and enhancements, that it's more transparent and obvious for users, and that it makes it easier for Android owners to discover new apps.
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    I saw it on appchina before Android Police. LOL
    I got it from Android Police anyway just to be safe.

    I have it on my GS7,and it works fine.
    The invisible (white on white) text for "my apps" and other selections have been fixed with black text.
    All of the visual changes of in-app purchases,a more obvious edit button,and the green stars are all working properly.

    So if anyone has a recent previous version with the invisible text,I recommend getting the latest update which fixes the text.

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