Google Planning Cheaper Nexus 7, Report Says

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    Google planning cheaper Nexus 7, report claims | Mobile - CNET News (click for full article)

    Summary: Google is planning a Nexus 7 that could eventually go as low as $99, an Asia-based report claims.

    by Brooke Crothers December 19, 2012 11:54 PM PST

    "Google is planning low-ball itself with an even cheaper Nexus 7, according to an Asia-based report.

    Google and Asus wowed consumers with the $199 Nexus 7 and now they're aiming at price points below $150, ultimately going as low as $99, according to Taipei-based Digitimes, citing sources at display component maker O-Film Tech.

    The lower-priced Nexus 7 should be released by the second quarter of next year, said the technology site, which covers device manufacturers and component suppliers in Asia.

    O-Film started shipping components for the lower-priced Nexus 7 in December, the report said. The company's touch-screen glass-glass film technology will contribute to lower production costs and make it thinner, Digitimes said."
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