Google Outlines Crucial HTML5 Video Development During Keynote

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    Google Outlines Crucial HTML5 Video Development During Keynote - Streaming Media Magazine (click for full article)

    In an opening day keynote to the Streaming Media East conference in New York City, Matt Frost, senior business product manager for Google Chrome, guided the audience through the past and the possible future of online video.

    "Video at Google started as an experiment," said Frost, noting how a single fulltime Google employee worked on video in 2004, along with a few others giving 20 percent of their time. Only two years later, Google was a video giant when it acquired YouTube.

    "There is no single standard for video on the web," said Frost, explaining the challenges for online content distributors. While a single format would be beneficial, there currently isn't one that works well with all devices, he said.

    What's needed is a solution that lets content owners encode once for all destinations. YouTube is popular even with enterprises, Frost said, because it removes the burden of formats, handling all transcoding in the background.

    Google's approach to HTML5 solves many of the problems facing content owners today, Frost asserted, explaining how the Chrome team is devoted not only to making sure HTML5 video works well in Chrome, but also in other browsers. Its goal is to improve HTML5 video so that it can fulfill the same role that only Flash plays today."
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