Google Music Losing Users, Impacting Market & Music Apps

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    Google Music Losing Users, Impacting Android Market & Music Apps (click for full article)

    "Adding fuel to the fire that was last week's piece about the Google Music beta suffering a less than spectacular launch comes another story about how the Google Music service seems to be dropping quickly.

    The Google Music player was supposed allow it to reach across other Google items like YouTube music videos, Android Music and the Android Market, with all of the custom Android music apps. It was also supposed to drive people to the Google+ social network and Google Search.

    "I've never seen anything like it, It's astounding. It's hard to believe that with an install base of over 200 million Android handsets they're actually losing customers," said The Music Void, citing an anonymous but highly placed music executive. Greg Sandoval at CNET wrote last week that the Google Music beta as a failed launch for the Google music service and the Android Market by "not living up to expectations" (the Business Insider called it a "flop").

    2012 will be interesting in how Google Music unfolds. It's a bit early to call for its demise, but it's off to a slow start. Google is horrible at marketing and Google Music will have to take time to integrate into the Android Market, YouTube, Google+, the Google entertainment device (whatever it will be), the Google Drive, and Google TV. Google definitely has a bigger picture strategy going here, so time will tell on a rocky start for Google Music."
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