Google Licenses Rovi's Program Guide Patents For It's New Fiber TV Service

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    Google Licenses Rovi's Program Guide Patents For Its New Fiber TV Service | TechCrunch (click for full article)

    From the article:

    "As digital entertainment technology provider Rovi announced today, Google has signed a multi-year licensing agreement with the company that provides Google with a license to Rovi's "interactive program guide patent portfolio for set-top boxes, as well as online and mobile platforms."

    and also this:

    "Given the size of Rovi's patent portfolio in this market, chances are that Google didn't have much of a choice but to license Rovi's patents for its Fiber set-top boxes. It's not immediately clear if this deal also covers Google TV and other Google products. Today's announcement focuses on Google Fiber but also mentions "online and mobile platforms."
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