Google: Let's Make Display Ads As Compelling As TV

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    Google: Let's Make Display Ads As Compelling As TV - Forbes (click for full article)

    "Google made a renewed bid last week to control much of the online advertising business it doesn't already own with a revamped display ad buying system. At a semi-private event (livestreamed here) held by its DoubleClick display-ad unit, Neal Mohan, VP of display advertising products for Google, debuted the system to advertisers, agencies, and publishers.

    Mohan also provided his perspective on what's needed next to make display advertising easier to create and buy. His comments, which I ran out of time to post after the announcement, remain especially relevant today given Facebook's announcement on June 13 that it would soon launch its own Facebook Exchange to allow marketers to reach audiences on Facebook for the first time using data they've collected about their browsing habits. That puts Facebook in more direct competition with Google for marketers looking to reach audiences online.

    Here are the highlights of Mohan's keynote:"
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