Google Launches Cloud Playground

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    Google Launches Cloud Playground, A Browser-Based Environment For Trying Its Cloud Platform | TechCrunch (click for full article)

    by Frederic Lardinois - June 24, 2013

    "Google's Cloud Platform is slowly becoming a fully featured environment for running complex web apps, but it's not easy to just give it a quick try. To get started with Cloud Platform, after all, you have to first install the right SDK and other tools on your local machine. Today, however, Google is launching its browser-based Cloud Playground, which is meant to give developers a chance to try some sample code and see how actual production APIs will behave, or to just share some code with colleagues without them having to install your whole development environment.

    Cloud Playground, Google says, is meant to be a place "for developers to experiment and play with some of the services offered by the Google Cloud Platform, such as Google App Engine, Google Cloud Storage and Google Cloud SQL."
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