Google giving away free Logitech Revue units as well

Discussion in 'Google TV News' started by JohnDroid, Dec 14, 2010.

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    Google has been in a giving mood lately. They have been giving away 60,000 Chrome OS notebooks for free and now it appears they will be giving out 10,000 Logitech Revue Google TV units as well. We don't have an exact number but we've heard from at least 3 separate individuals who received the offer code via email.

    The email is possibly getting picked up by some SPAM filters so be sure to check that folder. I will try and get a copy of the exact email so you'll know what to look for. But, here's an individual on this site that made a post about it: http://www.googletvforum.org/forum/...hould-getting-my-logitech-revue-few-days.html

    And it's also shown up on Hacker News here: Hacker News | Google TV - You

    Update: We now know that Google will be giving away 10,000 units. Also, this thread now has screenshots of the emails and Logitech coupon entry, http://www.googletvforum.org/forum/...hould-getting-my-logitech-revue-few-days.html
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    Might as well give them away, they can't sell many at this point with current limitations!

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