Google Defends Motorola Purchase: More Than Just A Patent Sale

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    Google defends Motorola purchase: More than just a patent sale | ZDNet (click for full article)

    "Google had to defend itself over the purchase of smartphone maker Motorola Mobility at its annual shareholder meeting on Thursday, only weeks after the $12.5 billion deal cleared regulatory approval.

    The message Google wants shareholders to take away: "It's not all about the patents."

    Keep telling yourself that, Google.

    In the group meeting, shareholders asked every question they could think of, from matters of privacy to areas of mobile advertising, online video offerings and prior acquisitions: all with the intention of seeking justification from Google in its actions. After all, the company is in the hands of the shareholders, rather than the other way around.

    But Motorola remained with heavy focus on the meeting. Why did Google buy Motorola for $12.5 billion?"

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