Google "Chromebox"??

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    Google Takes on the Apple TV

    New Chrome-based set-top box introduced.

    May 12, 2011

    Justin Rubio

    Amidst all the talk about Chrome OS and Chromebooks at yesterday's Google I/O keynote, another little gadget was mentioned quite briefly that has the potential to being something you may want to add to your collection in the future.

    In addition to the Samsung and Acer Chrome OS notebooks, Google also teased at a little device made by Samsung that they called the "Chromebox." Extremely little information was provided about the Chromebox, except that it is for those who want to use multiple screens or don't need the portability of a notebook.


    When looking at the Chromebox, it's hard to not compare it to a particular set-top box made by one of Google's major competitors. In fact, knowing that this device runs the same Chrome OS found on the Chromebooks would make it quite the contender in the market. Remember, Chrome OS does not require high-powered hardware so this form factor could be a perfect match.

    We would love to know exactly how large or small the Chromebox is -- I'm sure Google will divulge in that information soon enough -- but the idea of having a set-top box that runs Netflix, Hulu,Google and YouTube Movies, a full web browser, apps, Streaming Music, cloud services, and has file management capabilities, is something that is definitely intriguing, especially for those who prefer to stay out of the Apple ecosystem.

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    Interesting. Several months ago I saw a picture of a Samsung prototype Google TV box (that runs Android). I would think that the !@@#$%$#@ at Hulu would probably also just go ahead and block this chromebox also. The one thing as I understand it though - is that if these Chrome notebooks and boxes run a regular full desktop Chrome browser than Hulu wouldn't be able to detect it and block it.

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