Google CEO Meets With Feds As U.S. Senator Blasts FTC Over Antitrust Probe

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    Google CEO Larry Page Meets with Feds as Sen. Ron Wyden Blasts FTC Over Antitrust Probe | TIME.com (click for full article)

    By Sam Gustin Nov. 28, 2012

    "With the clock ticking down until a crucial Federal Trade Commission vote over whether to sue Google for antitrust violations, the search giant's CEO Larry Page met with federal officials in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday. The meeting, which was first reported by Bloomberg, came one day after a powerful U.S. Senator sent a letter to the FTC expressing concern about the way the agency has been conducting its investigation.

    The FTC is wrapping up a nearly two-year investigation into whether Google has used its search market power to unfairly harm rival companies. Google and the FTC have been conducting negotiations for several weeks to see if a settlement is possible. If no deal is reached, the FTC will proceed in the coming days with a vote that will determine whether the commission files a lawsuit. If the FTC votes to sue Google, it would be the most dramatic antitrust action taken by the U.S. government against a major technology company since the Department of Justice sued Microsoft in the 1990s."
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