Good Radio / mp3 streaming App, no?

Discussion in 'Google TV General Discussion' started by rsjmob, Apr 12, 2013.

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    I stream a radio station often and it used to work through BubbleUPnP but that stopped working. No mp3 streaming apps that are more universal seem to be compatible with GTV. Is this an intentional design to force music purchasing? I find it amazing since iTunes streamed by beloved radio station live 10 years ago, and this high tech box i have now can't do it. I have to resort to streaming via Flash through Chrome on the stations pop-up player...
    I have spent so much time trying to sideload apps that will work, all to no avail. I keep trying since it is inconceivable to me that it is not possible.
    Can anyone suggest an iTunes like app that can stream mp3 URLs?
    I need to stream WFMU.org, the greatest station in the nation, programmed by real people! They had one of the first stations in iTunes, and the first iOS radio app a long time ago. They gave up supporting Android because of all the device compatibility issues...

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