Go Daddy Backtracks To Join Google In Opposing Piracy Bill

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    Go Daddy Backtracks to Join Google in Opposing Piracy Bill - Businessweek (click for full article)

    "Dec. 23 (Bloomberg) -- Go Daddy Group Inc. joined Google Inc. in opposing a Hollywood-backed online-piracy bill, reversing its position on U.S. legislation designed to combat illegally copied films and TV content.

    "What we wanted to do was step aside and watch other leaders in the technology industry, the position they take, the commentary they offer," Warren Adelman, chief executive officer of the Internet domain-name and hosting company, said in a telephone interview today. "We were getting customers asking questions about SOPA, expressing concerns" about where the Stop Online Piracy Act could lead.

    Google and other Internet companies have said the legislation will encourage censorship of Web content and harms technology innovation. They're pitted against movie studios, including Time Warner Inc.'s Warner Bros., which are trying to censure non-U.S. websites selling illegally copied films and television shows."
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