Globalization - A HC Time-Out

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussion' started by chicha29, Dec 10, 2011.

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    Received the Revue HC update earlier today; took eight minutes. Bit of a learning curve involved!

    Putting the Revue and technology aside for a bit, this article really nails it. Globalization, that is.

    "A number of years ago, a story went around that sprouts were being transported from across Britain to an East Anglian airport, from where they were sent to Poland for washing and packaging before being air-freighted back again for sale in supermarkets located but a few miles from where they were grown."

    "...by opening up the global economy to Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe, the West seems to have unleashed a doomsday machine which threatens ever-greater destruction of its own living standards. After a brief number of years in which globalisation made everything seemingly cheaper, the terms of trade have moved badly against the West."

    Globalisation has turned on its Western creators - Telegraph
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    Britain has tried to prevent competition for ages. Remember Ghandi defying the restrictions on making cloth? We live in a world that is changing and that is upsetting to people. If the British can't wash and wrap their own sprouts for less money than it takes to ship them to Poland then something is obviously broken.

    There are a couple fantastic books on globalization that help understand what is going on:

    Thomas Friedman "The Lexus and the Olive Tree" describes the cultural impact as well as being one of the seminal works on the topic>

    Tom Barnett wrote "The Pentagon's New Map" which explores the reason globalization functions (the how rather than the what) - also search YouTube for his presentation

    It is simply not true that by producing things cheaper you destroy valuable existing industries. It does force existing domestic industries to look hard at what they are producing and ensure they are focused in customer value, otherwise anyone can produce the same crap.

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