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    Connected TV furthers the coming of global Internet television


    The United Kingdom is all but finished with the changeover from analogue to digital TV.

    It would seem that this momentous move will conclude just in time to be obsolete. All of us should have paid closer attention to the popularity of the BBC’s iPlayer. The success of iPlayer proved that people WILL watch television on their computer. Another point of popularity is widespread use of offshore peer to peer networks. Live sports from around the globe play on those channels 24/7.

    Enter into this mix Google TV and Yahoo’s new Connected TV. Here you will find a wide assortment of entertainment that has been fully licensed and made available via broadband. Enterprising sorts can display these programs on their high definition widescreen tellys from any desktop or laptop computer.

    The lines between television and home computer usage are blurring as fast as we can surf the net for new channels. As soon as the Google and Yahoo entries make themselves widespread, enterprising souls will find ways to broadcast these “networks” direct without using expensive bandwidth.

    So will an advert formerly placed on your favorite program be replaced with a tailored and targeted to your personal preference pay per view ad? Absolutely, this is on its way. How will search engine optimisation factor in? SEO will also become anticipatory as we try to position ourselves as middle men to all this channel surfing. When someone looks for their favorite cooking show, a website offering similar themes will be an offered option.


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