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Discussion in 'Google TV Feature Wish Lists' started by sarreq, Aug 23, 2011.

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    Aug 21, 2011
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    i do like that the revue controls my TV, Dish box and receiver, even in the limited fashion it does, but I'd reply like to have it control my whole system. what would it really take to add the ability to completely control my receiver, our add controls for a bluray player?
  2. ChrisG8

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    Aug 4, 2011
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    For less than the price of a Harmony remote, you want a box with a Harmony remote, Intel Atom CE4100 processor, Google TV, wireless keyboard and web browser. Sounds great to me, if Logitech wants to lose a lot more money on an unprofitable product while cannibalizing profitable products, that is one magical way to achieve that goal.
  3. sarreq

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    Aug 21, 2011
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    considering the price started at $300, it's disappointing, even if it did just come down to 100
  4. eferz

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    Nov 4, 2010
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    You have a point, there should a least be a level of consistency with the Harmony IR. Just to get an idea of how inconsistent the commands are I've recorded all the commands and how they relate to each one another from the different input devices. The one button I'm most disappointed in with the Logitech Harmony profile in the Logitech Harmony is the "Cancel" command which is supposed to act like the "Esc" button on the Keyboard. However, it doesn't do anything to Live TV or any Google TV menus or overlay. As far as I can tell, all it does it light up the right-side led on the Revue when its pressed.

    Customable KeyRF KeyboardHarmony IRGoogleTV appHarmony App (iOS)
    Left-Mouse ClickReservedLeft-Mouse Icon(NA)(NA)(NA)
    MuteLimited / NoMute IconMuteMutePlayback Tab "Mute Icon"
    Volume DownLimited / NoVolume Down IconVolumeDownVol- IconPlayback Tab "Volume Down Icon"
    Volume UpLimited / NoVolume Up IconVolumeUpVol+ IconPlayback Tab "Volume Up Icon"
    Live TVYes / NoLive TV IconGTVLiveTV Icon[Slide] TV Icon
    GuideYes / NoGuideGuideGuide[Slide] Guide
    DVRYes / NoDVR(NA)DVR[Slide] DVR
    AVR PowerLimited / YesAVR(NA)[...] AV Receiver ON/OFF(NA)
    AVR InputYes[Fn]+[AVR](NA)(NA)(NA)
    STB PowerLimited / YesSTB(NA)(NA)(NA)
    STB InputYes[Fn]+[STB](NA)(NA)(NA)
    TV PowerLimited / YesTV(NA)[...] TV ON/OFF(NA)
    TV InputYes[Fn]+[TV](NA)[...] TV Switch Input(NA)
    ESCYes / NoESCCancel**Esc[Slide] Esc
    Numbers 0-9Limited/Yes0-90-9Keyboard Icon [123]Keyboard Tab [123]"0-9"
    Letters A-ZNo/YesA-Z[T9 typing]Keyboard Icon [ABC]Keyboard Tab [ABC]"A-Z"
    TabReservedTAB(NA)(NA)Keyboard Tab [Tab]
    Caps LockReservedCaps Lock(NA)(NA)(NA)
    ShiftReservedShift(NA)Keyboard Icon [ABC] Up IconKeyboard Tab [ABC] Up Icon
    SearchReservedMagnifying IconGTV SearchMagnifying Icon[Slide] Magnifying Icon
    A (Yellow/Triangle)Yes[Fn]+[5]A[...] Yellow[Slide] (A/Yellow/Triangle)Icon
    B (Square/Blue)Yes[Fn]+[6]B[...] Blue[Slide] (B/Square/Blue) Icon
    C (Circle/Red)Yes[Fn]+[7]C[...] Green[Slide] (C/Circle/Red) Icon
    D (Diamond/Green)Yes[Fn]+[8]D[...] Blue[Slide] (D/Diamond/Green) Icon
    MenuYes[Fn]+[9]MenuGTV Menu Icon[slide] Menu
    InfoYes[Fn]+[0]InfoInfo[slide] Info
    Google Zoom InReserved[Fn]+[-]GTVZoomIn(NA)Pointer Tab "Magniying+ icon"
    Google Zoom OutReserved[Fn]+[=]GTVZoomOut(NA)Pointer Tab "Magniying- icon"
    BackspaceReserved<DEL|GTVBackspaceKeyboard Icon [<X]Keyboard Tab [<X]
    EnterReservedEnter/OkEnter***Keyboard Icon [Return]Keyboard Tab "Return", Playback Tab "E"
    Channel UpLimited/LimitedCH+ChannelUpCH+Playback Tab "CH+"
    Channel DownLimited/LimitedCH-ChannelDownCH-Playback Tab "CH-"
    Page Up**Limited[Fn]+[Ch+](NA)PG+D-Pad tab "Page ^"
    Page Down**Limited[Fn]+[Ch-](NA)PG-D-Pad tab "Page v"
    Recall(NA)(NA)(NA)RecallPlayback Tab "Recall CH Icon"
    Google MenuReservedGoogle Menu IconGTVMenuGoogle Menu Icon[Slide] Google Menu Icon
    Google BackReservedGoogle Back IconGTVBackGoogle Back Icon[Slide] Left Arrow Icon
    Google HomeReservedGoogle Home IconGTVHomeHome Icon[Slide] Home
    Cursor UpLimited / NoCursor Up IconDirectionUpCursor Up IconD-Pad tab "Cursor Up Icon", Pointer Tab "Up Icon"
    Cursor DownLimited / NoCursor Down IconDirectionDownCursor Down IconD-Pad tab "Cursor Down Icon", Pointer Tab "Down Icon"
    Cursor LeftLimited / NoCursor Left IconDirectionLeftCursor Left IconD-Pad tab "Cursor Left Icon"
    Cursor RightLimited / NoCursor Right IconDirectionRightCursor Right IconD-Pad tab "Cursor Right Icon"
    SelectLimited/ NoOKSelectOKD-Pad tab "OK"
    BookmarkNo/YesStar IconGTVBookmarkStar Icon[Slide] Star
    RecordYes[Fn]+[Record]Record[Star Icon]Playback Tab "Record Icon"
    Dual ViewReservedDual View IconDualViewDual View Icon[Slide] Dual View Icon
    RewindYes/YesRewind IconRewindRew IconPlayback Tab "Rewind Icon"
    Skip-backYes[Fn]+[Rewind]SkipBack(NA)Playback Tab "Skip Back Icon"
    PlayYes/NoPlay IconPlayPlay IconPlayback Tab "Play Icon"
    PauseYes/YesPause IconPausePause IconPlayback Tab "Pause Icon"
    StopYes[Fn]+[Pause]StopStop IconPlayback Tab "Stop Icon"
    Slow(NA)(NA)(NA)(NA)Playback Tab Slow Icon"
    Fast ForwardYes/YesIconFastForwardFast Forward IconPlayback Tab "Fast Forward Icon"
    Skip ForwardYes[Fn]+[Fast Forward]SkipForward(NA)Playback Tab "Skip Forward Icon"
    CNBC Real-TimeApp Quick Launch[Search]+[A-Z,0-9]GTVCNBC(NA)(NA)
    Google ChromeApp Quick Launch[Search]+[A-Z,0-9]GTVChrome(NA)(NA)
    GalleryApp Quick Launch[Search]+[A-Z,0-9]GTVGallery(NA)(NA)
    Logitech Help AssistantApp Quick Launch[Search]+[A-Z,0-9](NA)(NA)(NA)
    Logitech Media PlayerApp Quick Launch[Search]+[A-Z,0-9]Logitech Media Player(NA)(NA)
    Logitech Vid HDApp Quick Launch[Search]+[A-Z,0-9]GTVVID(NA)(NA)
    NapsterApp Quick Launch[Search]+[A-Z,0-9]GTVNapster(NA)(NA)
    NBA Game TimeApp Quick Launch[Search]+[A-Z,0-9]GTVNBA(NA)(NA)
    NetflixApp Quick Launch[Search]+[A-Z,0-9]GTVNetFlix(NA)(NA)
    PandoraApp Quick Launch[Search]+[A-Z,0-9]GTVPandora(NA)(NA)
    SettingsApp Quick Launch[Search]+[A-Z,0-9]GTV Settings[...] Settings(NA)
    TwitterApp Quick Launch[Search]+[A-Z,0-9]GTVTwitter(NA)(NA)
    PointerTrackpadTrackpadCursorCtrl-On/OffPointer IconPointer Tab, D-Pad Tab "Hand Icon"
    .Reserved..Keyboard Icon [123/#+=]"."Keyboard Tab [123/#+=]"."
    -Reserved--Keyboard Icon [123] "-"Keyboard Tab [123] "-"
    !(NA)[Shift]+[1](NA)Keyboard Icon [123/#+=]"!"Keyboard Tab [123/#+=]"!"
    @(NA)[Shift]+[2](NA)Keyboard Icon [123]"@"Keyboard Tab [123]"@"
    #(NA)[Shift]+[3](NA)Keyboard Icon [#+=]"#"Keyboard Tab [#+=]"#"
    $(NA)[Shift]+[4](NA)Keyboard Icon [123] "$"Keyboard Tab [123] "$"
    %(NA)[Shift]+[5](NA)Keyboard Icon [#+=]"%"Keyboard Tab [#+=]"%"
    ^(NA)[Shift]+[6](NA)Keyboard Icon [#+=]"^"Keyboard Tab [#+=]"^"
    &(NA)[Shift]+[7](NA)Keyboard Icon [123]"&"Keyboard Tab [123]"&"
    *(NA)[Shift]+[8](NA)Keyboard Icon [#+=]"*"Keyboard Tab [#+=]"*"
    ((NA)[Shift]+[9](NA)Keyboard Icon [123] "("Keyboard Tab [123] "("
    )(NA)[Shift]+[0](NA)Keyboard Icon [123] ")"Keyboard Tab [123] ")"
    -Reserved--Keyboard Icon [123] "-"Keyboard Tab [123] "-", Playback Tab "-"
    _(NA)[Shift]+[-](NA)Keyboard Icon [#+=]"_"Keyboard Tab [#+=]"_"
    +(NA)[Shift]+[=](NA)Keyboard Icon [#+=]"+"Keyboard Tab [#+=]"+"
    =Reserved=(NA)Keyboard Icon [#+=]"="Keyboard Tab [#+=]"="
    {(NA)[Shift]+[[](NA)Keyboard Icon [#+=]"{"Keyboard Tab [#+=]"{"
    [Reserved[(NA)Keyboard Icon [#+=]"["Keyboard Tab [#+=]"["
    }(NA)[Shift]+[}](NA)Keyboard Icon [#+=]"}"Keyboard Tab [#+=]"}"
    ]Reserved](NA)Keyboard Icon [#+=]"]"Keyboard Tab [#+=]"]"
    |Reserved\(NA)Keyboard Icon [#+=]"|"Keyboard Tab [#+=]"|"
    \(NA)[Shift]+[\](NA)Keyboard Icon [#+=]"\"Keyboard Tab [#+=]"\"
    :(NA)[Shift]+[;](NA)Keyboard Icon [123] ":"Keyboard Tab [123] ":"
    ;Reserved;(NA)Keyboard Icon [123] ";"Keyboard Tab [123] ";"
    'Reserved'(NA)Keyboard Icon [123] "'"Keyboard Tab [123] "'"
    "(NA)[Shift]+['](NA)Keyboard Icon [123] """Keyboard Tab [123] """
    <(NA)[Shift]+[,](NA)Keyboard Icon [#+=]"<"Keyboard Tab [#+=]"<"
    ,Reserved,(NA)Keyboard Icon [123/#+=]","Keyboard Tab [123/#+=]","
    >(NA)[Shift]+[.](NA)Keyboard Icon [#+=]">"Keyboard Tab [#+=]">"
    .Reserved..Keyboard Icon [123/#+=]"."Keyboard Tab [123/#+=]".", Playback Tab "."
    ?(NA)[Shift]+[/](NA)Keyboard Icon [123/#+=]"?"Keyboard Tab [123/#+=]"?"
    /Reserved/(NA)Keyboard Icon [#+=]"/"Keyboard Tab [#+=]"/"
    ~(NA)(NA)(NA)Keyboard Icon [#+=]"~"Keyboard Tab [#+=]"~"
    &#8364;(NA)(NA)(NA)Keyboard Icon [#+=]"&#8364;"Keyboard Tab [#+=]"&#8364;"
    £(NA)(NA)(NA)Keyboard Icon [#+=]"£"Keyboard Tab [#+=]"£"
    ¥(NA)(NA)(NA)Keyboard Icon [#+=]"¥"Keyboard Tab [#+=]"¥"
    (NA)(NA)(NA)Keyboard Icon [#+=]"•"Keyboard Tab [#+=]"•"
    Voice Search(NA)(NA)(NA)Microphone Icon(NA)
    BD Pop Up/Menu(NA)(NA)(NA)[...] BD Pop Up/Menu(NA)
    BD Top Menu(NA)(NA)(NA)[...] BD Top Menu(NA)
    BD Eject(NA)(NA)(NA)[...] BD Eject(NA)
    Watch Google TV activity(NA)(NA)(NA)(NA)Watch GoogleTV
    Aspect Ratio(NA)(NA)(NA)(NA)Playback Tab "Aspect Ratio Icon"

    ** command is currently broken
    *** command has been hidden but Revue is still responsive

    The other thing I don't quite understand is why some keys only customizable to three options; "None", (key name), and "-Assign IR Code-" while others you can pick an entire range of commands from the Harmony Database.

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