Frustration with auto version install.

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    How do I get a certain older version of an app to install over the later version when the app automatically installs the last later version when selecting its older version apk?

    This even happens after clearing data/cache and uninstalling the app,it still puts the broken force close later version instead of my apk file's older version.

    Me ranting,sorry for language.

    Dontcha just ******* hate it when an updated version of an app crashes and you cannot fix it because it automatically installs the last newest version instead of the one you obviously picked,even when clearing cache/data,then uninstalling it,it still puts that stupid ******* broken one instead of the apk file you choose.

    I have a force close on v3.8 of 1mobile whenever I try to search for an app.
    On v3.7,it never crashed when searching.

    So now I only had one option,I went and got 1mobile market "lite" v3.5 from m.aptoide site so I can search with filters unlike the 3.6 version because they ******* removed it (sorry for language).

    Edit:LOL censored,this forum modifies everything,site links replaced with real names,and random ad injection.
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