Forget The Living Room - Amazon Is Fighting For Your Whole Damn House

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    Forget the living room: Amazon is fighting for your whole damn house | PandoDaily (click for full article)

    by Nathaniel Mott - June 7, 2013

    "Some of the world's largest technology companies are eyeing your entertainment center. Google has its Google TV platform and has dabbled in its own hardware, albeit with disastrous results. Apple can't organize an event or conduct a conference call without being harangued about when it will make the Apple TV more than a "hobby." Microsoft has used the Xbox platform to leapfrog its competitors and create the first smart television worth purchasing. These companies' products already pervade our offices, backpacks, and pockets - now they want to become a fixture of the living room as well.

    Amazon is thinking a little bigger. It isn't just fighting to make its way into the living room. It's trying to insert itself into every aspect of your daily life. And it might be closer to doing so than anyone realizes. Let's take a tour through your home and see how Amazon is trying to monetize each room."

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