For Google's Cloud To Beat Amazon's, It First Must Survive

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    For Google's Cloud to Beat Amazon's, It First Must Survive - Bloomberg (click for full article)

    "Buzz, Gears, Wave, Knol, Web Accelerator - that's just a partial list of Google's failed products in recent years. Then there's Google TV, Google Reader and Google Wallet, which may or may not be busts - the jury is still out.

    It's an established truth in Silicon Valley that outside Internet search, where it dominates, Google has a spotty track record when it comes to stickwithitness.

    So when the company said last week at its I/O developers conference that it's entering the cloud infrastructure market, potential customers would have been forgiven for their skepticism. This product in particular - dubbed Compute Engine - has a major hurdle to jump because customers will be putting their most important stuff, the stuff that runs their companies, in Google's hands."
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