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    I have a 2015 Sony Android Bravia TV (with 4k). The model of my TV is: KD-49X830xC (a Nordic model).

    My problem is how my TV does not have a folder view when accessing media from an external HDD or USB drive. I have lots of files, and with Sony's default view, it gets very tedious when looking for a file. My external HDD is very organized with folders and subfolders, but I'm not seeing these folders. Just files after files.

    I have tried the following:

    - Googling this problem and found a few threads regarding this, apparently this was changeable with a 2014 model. If I try to follow the instructions on those threads, the feature does not exist (or I am not able to find it). The application on Sony 2015 model is now called "Video" opposed to the 2014 model called "Media Player".

    - Looking through TV settings, app settings, USB settings etc. to no avail.

    - Firmware update (there are none, TV says it's fully updated).

    - Downloading other video apps such as VLC, Kodi, MX Player etc (all of them show folder view just like how I want it, but the video playback is not the greatest compared to Sony's default video app. Some files can't even be played or stutters on certain media players).

    Please, is there any way to change this behavior? Is the option hidden, because I can't seem to find it. Or is it something third? I'm even willing to wait for a firmware update, because right now, I can't watch my content how I want it, and that's sad for an expensive TV.

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