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    ok, so flash is crashing a bit... but on 3 sites now i have found some fixes for the Blank video issue..

    On Gorilavid.. what you need to do is reduce the vid size in the player... and this will launch the vid and it will spool up and play..
    this also works with

    MOVPOD.. same player.. same issue same fix..

    DaClips.. same player ... same issue unstable

    now sockshare... is a wild card.. some time its a combination of return key, back arrow. or going full screen on the player.. but there is no pattern yet.. but i will keep working on it.. seem to be fixed with a enlarge to full screen.. but its too random to be for sure..

    Putlocker... same player same issue about the same fix... but still too random, you can try the full screen trick. and then mouse point to middle of time bar... seem there is some sorta bad flash popup that stays on screen for so many min, advancing to middle of program may be the trick..

    Filebox... blank screen fixed with clic king on full screen lower right corner of player..

    UploadC.. will not function.

    Vidbux.. will not function

    Vidxden.. will not function

    OVfile.. seems to work just have to get out of the popups

    (for many of these players it seems to be linked to the full screen button on the vid player... lower right corner.. even when its not visible just click where that icon would be.. and it may load the play... be sure to allow buffering.. for the popups allow them to load before backing out.. otherwise you will just be presented with the popup again)

    i will be trying to find any other fixes for vid hosting sites...

    Edit: to play any video you will need to back out of the many popups that appear....
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