Five Things We'd Like To See At Google I/O 2013

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    http://www.androidauthority.com/five-things-we-want-from-google-io-2013-159996/ (click for full article)

    Five Things We'd Like To See At Google I/O 2013

    by Nate Swanner on Feb 22, 2013

    "It's that time of year again! With Mobile World Congress going on right now, we're primed to see tons of great stuff from a lot of manufacturers. In a curious move, Google doesn't have a presence this year, opting instead to have Android experts on-hand to assist their partners with any questions or issues. This leads us to wonder just what Google has up their sleeve for I/O this May. Will they unveil anything shocking? In all the hype recently about Google Glass and the Chromebook Pixel, we wonder just what sleight-of-hand Google is up to."
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