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    I purchased my google tV box about this time last year and, like many, have been waiting way to long for this update. That said, I have played with the new update for long enough now to say I am finally satisfied. It works smoother and has a better feel all around. GMusic was a much needed feature which really completes the package along with Photos and Pandora and Netfilx. The Media player could still use an upgrade but I find the formats supported by my one paid app (GTVBox) does the job quite nicely. Put all this together and I really do have the all in one system I wanted. I'm not a huge youtube fan but the app is much improved. It also might just be my imagination but Chrome seems a lot more usable to me now. I had some friends over and there was something we wanted to look into... fire it up and presto..right there on the big screen (no, I don't aspire do my normal browsing in the TV).

    How do I close an app. A lot of the time it is nice when Pandora keeps playing in the background but sometimes I wish I could just hold that home button down, see the list of open apps, and kill them from there. Also, one app seems to lock up at times (fireplace) and it seems the only way to clean the corruption is to reboot. The good news is that the reboot is really quick and painless.

    Remaining Gripes...(assuming the number of apps will continue to grow).
    -Where is our Hulu app. Seriously, this is ridiculous.
    -Why does the sound crap out for a second when I switch to picture in picture. Because of the delay it makes it really annoying to check something real quick (like football scores) while watching a show. If the screen goes black for a second I could handle it but because the sound mutes and then comes back, it makes it distracting for all. Should be easy to fix and would be one of those "little things" that makes the package that much slicker.
    - Sometimes the box stops passing through any sound and I have to do a reboot. It is not often and never in the middle of a show (normally when I switch between apps or something). Bottom line is that a re-boot solves it and I can live with that since the reboot is pretty quick. Seems like it could be fixed though.

    I am sure there are more questions and gripes but I am watching a movie now and intend to turn off the computer. Bottom line, the update was a major improvement and I am satisfied... even happy.
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