Federal Subpoena Served On Google Inc. For Information On Blog Hosted By Google

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    A Sarasota private detective has filed a defamation lawsuit against Pamela Geller and the people behind the "Muslims Against Sharia blog" - and this lawsuit also includes the 2 web hosting companies (one of which is Google) that hosted the blogs on the internet. This is interesting because until recently courts have ruled that the web hosting companies were not liable for information/blogs/sites they host from other independent sources - however a new recent court ruling has ruled in another case that a web hosting co. is liable for $800,000 in damages for a web site they hosted that offered bogus products for sale: Federal Subpoena Served on Google Inc Seeking Information on Muslims Agaisnt Sharia Blog And Any Links to Blogger Pamela Geller. « Private Detective Bill Warner Online Dating & Cheaters Sarasota Fl 941-926-1926
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