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    In my own opinion; and, I'm sure 99% of you will agree: Google Needs DVR and Streaming capabilities. If they had that I can't see how anyone WOULDN'T want that.
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    I was looking through Blockbuster for what is releasing soon. I noticed Dexter Season 5; which, was weird because it's not out yet and Netflix has it already. Bummer for them, lol. Was going to get the entire season; but, then realized I've already watched 9 episodes.

    So, that leaves me with 10, 11, and 12 to see. However, big annoyance: episode 12 is on a different disk than episode 10 and 11. So, in order to see those 3 episodes I need to get 2 disks. Very annoying.

    First, I looked on Hulu. (Where one would first think to look for TV). Not there. On a side note: I've also thought about getting rid of Netflix streaming and getting Hulu; but, since they never have what I want to see it's not worth it. (I ditched Netflix DVD's for Blockbuster since I could get games but kept the streaming for now.)

    Second, Amazon Instant has them for 1.99 each episode. I could just suck it up and get the 2 disks and get them for free; but, this way I could just sit down when I had the chance and watch them back to back. But, then, I need a computer. I'm in between computers right now since I gave my girlfriend my laptop for school; so, that's not going to work. Wish they had a Netflix app.
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    Third, which I figured would happen: Android Market doesn't have it.

    Fourth, thought about Blockbuster; but, then didn't even look to see if they were going to have it on Demand since I can't get the app on my phone; and, would leave me in the same position as Amazon.

    Fifth, I could get them on Demand on IO... O wait... If I was actually home, ever, I could have just watched them on TV...

    Sixth, maybe I should invest in a DVR from IO so I can record them all and watch them when I have the time. Seems like the best option; but, that's going to take me forever. (Since, like you've read, I'm barely home to do so.)

    Seventh. The non existent theory: DVR them.... and STREAM them to my Android phone! OF COURSE!... O wait...
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    If Google added these 2 features to Google TV.... I would pay $300 for it... without a disk drive. (Well maybe if it did live TV too; otherwise fair is $250 IMO).
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