Fake Instagram App Delivers More Android Malware

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    Fake Instagram App Delivers More Android Malware - Articles - RootzWiki - News - RootzWiki (click for full article)

    "Uber-popular photo sharing service Instagram has enjoyed quite the run of luck lately. Since making its Android debut, its user base has swelled by tens of millions. Only a short time later, the 13 employee firm sold out for a ridiculous $1 billion!

    Riding on the coattails of that popularity are, naturally, malicious hacksters who want to steal your data. Just last week we warned you of a fake Angry Birds Space app making the rounds on some unofficial app stores and websites. The latest victim, Instagram, is doing things the same way. Sophos Security has found a malicious program, identified as Andr/Boxer-F, a trojan designed to swipe data from your device.

    The trojan makes it way into your system via a download from some alternative app stores, or unofficial download sites like the one pictured above. If you're looking to jump on the Instawagon, you should only grab the app through an official channel, such as the Google Play Store, which has been given a clean bill of health. The fake program downloads several identical jpeg images like this one: "
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    When you try to log in, the account resets back to the form. I tried from another application, ip, browser - to sense 0. The account is not blocked, there are no locks. Asked a friend - he succeeded, asked for another - he also does not enter. Can anyone come across, what's the problem? Can auto instagram likes https://igautolike.com/product/instagram-auto-comments affect this issue? Thank.

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