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    DISH is very excited about the Logitech Revue with Google TV. In fact, they are offering a great deal for their service, bundled with the Revue. I spoke with DISH Network’s VP of Customer Technology, Vivek Khemka, to get more details behind the deal – read below to see how you can score a Logitech Revue for as low as $179!

    The TV industry is changing – there are more channels, content and ways to watch TV today than there were 10 years ago – and people are now watching video on the Web. But in spite of all the change, we know that consumers still love their TV and they’re watching four to eight hours every day.

    We also know that consumers multitask while watching TV – in fact, a large number of our customers use a laptop while in front of their televisions. So when we started working with Google and Logitech, our goal was to enhance our customers’ TV viewing experience by integrating it with the Web, recognizing that the ability to combine these two experiences creates greater value than employing them independently.

    We are thrilled to partner with both Google and Logitech to enable the Google TV experience with DISH Network. Google offers a robust search technology and Android platform that opens up amazing possibilities for TV. In addition, one of the most important pieces of technology that gives consumers the power to interact with their TVs is the remote control. Logitech, which offers cutting-edge products and technologies like the Harmony remote control, clearly understands how to build input devices to interact with the TV/Web experience.

    Combine the expertise of Google and Logitech with the best TV service and picture quality offered by DISH Network, and you have a powerful, seamless entertainment experience.

    What’s more, DISH Network is the only pay-TV company that offers Enhanced Integration with Google TV. This means that only DISH Network customers get exclusive features like simultaneous search across the program guide, DVR, DISH Cinema and the Web. They can also go directly to any of the search results, including instantly watching content from their DVR, scheduling recordings from the program guide, and ordering movies or TV shows from DISH Cinema. Plus, customers can also easily share what they watch with their friends through social media outlets like Twitter.

    What’s really exciting is that soon, the DISH Network Enhanced Integration will enable the ability to build apps that change how our customers watch TV. There might be apps that automatically record your favorite shows, suggest shows or Web videos based on what customers watch. The possibilities are endless.

    When it comes to pricing, DISH Network customers have the clear advantage. We have teamed with Logitech so that our customers can buy the Revue directly from DISH Network for an exclusive price of $179. That price is for both new and existing DISH customers – a savings of $120 over MSRP – and the integration fee is only $4 per month. Plus, consumers who already have a Logitech Revue and become DISH Network customers will receive a $100 gift card. More details on this deal are available at DISH Network.

    Enjoy! – Vivek

    To learn more about DISH Network’s Google TV solution,
    including how to order, visit GoogleTV - DISH Network.

    By Ashish Arora
    Vice President and General Manager, Digital Home Group
    December 9, 2010
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