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    Interesting live blog thread from Engadget reporting on all the breaking big news from CES:


    I found this report (among many) to be of interest (Intel chips to power Motorola Mobility hardware):


    "Well, look who just showed up at Intel's CES 2012 keynote? Motorola Mobility's own Sanjay Jha just grabbed a bit of the limelight -- long enough to announce a multi-year, multi-device agreement that should see Intel's Medfield chips powering Moto's hardware (the second announced behind Lenovo) in the not-too-distant future. Naturally, we're guessing Android will be the OS of choice here, but we can only guess what Motorola's going to do when all of its other chip partners come knocking with new questions.

    Update: We've learned that product shipments from the partnership will start in the second half of this year."
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