Dyle Launch: Metro PCS Ships Samsung Smartphone With Live Mobile TV

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    Dyle Launch: MetroPCS ships Samsung Lightray smartphone with live mobile TV | Broadcast Engineering Blog (click for full article)

    "Dyle, the initiative to incorporate live TV chipsets into mobile devices, is finally in launch mode as of this week. The country's fifth largest phone carrier, MetroPCS, added to its wide array of options with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S Lightray. This is notable because this is a smartphone that actually has live TV built-in. Will consumers adapt to this new breed of phones with built-in tuners? MetroPCS and Samsung, along with Dyle, are betting on it.

    The Samsung Galaxy S Lightray does come at a steeper price. In fact, the smartphone is about $200 more than a comparably priced phone in its feature range. The unit has a built-in extendable antenna for picking up live local TV stations, and the best part is that the shows do not use the phone's 4G or Wi-Fi; it just picks up channels, free and clear.

    As more and more providers clamp down on data and continue to squeeze profits out of smaller chunks of bandwidth with new caps, the Dyle technology allows watching unlimited television around the clock. The handset is based on the Android operating system and features Google Play for downloading apps. Customers launch the app for viewing via Lightray's application menu and then choose a local station to view. The Dyle website has an interactive map for finding out what stations are available in your area. Just load up the webpage, type in your zip code or let the browser find out where you are via data location, and you'll be presented with a list of local affiliates broadcasting Dyle-compatible programming in your area. "

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