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    Just got a 40" Sony Internet TV and a 46".... so far they are AWESOME. I've been playing with the 40" here at the office (the 12 year old kids Christmas gift) with no cable and really like it; it'll be missed a few weeks from now. I have the 46" setup in my bedroom and have to say that I'm glad that I made this purchase.

    Of course... I have quite a few gadgets laying around the house....

    Prefer PS3 over xbox and wii (own all three)
    Prefer Zune over Ipod
    Prefer Windows phone 7 or Android over Iphone
    Prefer Windows over Mac
    Prefer to BUY a cd instead of downloading the mp3
    Thinks everyone should own a windows home server especially with internet tv
    Can't wait for the 3D tv to get here
    Can't stand hip hop but love Hard Rock and Metal, Hair Metal, etc
    Have a graveyard of devices including but not necessarily limited to... iomega click, jazz, zip, Rio car, Rio Receivers, Rio HSX-109, Replay TV's, golf ball finder, boxes of wires and power supplies that may or may not go to anything, Lazer range finder, etc...

    cool.... anyway.... I could work on this all day..
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    Northern Mich.
    Welcome to our forum.
    I hope you find this site informative. GTV, being new media form, we all have a few questioned here and there.
    So, if you have any,please don't hesitate to ask anybody out here, and we will do our best to help out.
    The Google TV Forum Team....

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