Drive And Fly Seamlessly With This Crazy Remote Control Quadrocopter Car

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    Drive and fly seamlessly with this crazy remote control quadrocopter car | The Verge (click for video & full article)

    by Aaaron Souppouris - May 25, 2013

    "A PhD student has created a remote control flying car, and he's looking to fund the project on Kickstarter. Called "B," the vehicle functions as a regular four-wheeled RC, but housed within its wheels are four propellers that with the flick of a switch can generate enough lift to turn the B into a quadrocopter.

    Able to fly for around 15 minutes on a single charge, the B also has a 720p camera and microSD card slot embedded in its body for recording on-board video. Its creator Witold Mielniczek previously worked on a DARPA-contest-winning HALO Unmanned Aerial Vehicle before turning his attention to this solo project."
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