Does ANY usb HD work with the Cube?

Discussion in 'Asus Qube' started by tfid, Jun 3, 2013.

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    May 9, 2013
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    I just got a WD My Passport HD (1.5 TB) to put all of my movies on so I can watch without having my computer turned on. The Cube didn't recognize it. When I plugged it in, the Cube didn't display the 'mounting' message it does when a flash drive is plugged in. The files didn't show up in local storage on the movie player (ViMu), but the blue led on the HD did light up. When I unplugged the HD, it showed a message 'unknown usb device disconnected'.

    I tried an old USB HD with an external power supply, and it didn't recognize that one either.

    The Passport HD shows up on my Win7 PC, a router with 'readyshare' USB port, and an old WD USB player box I got 5 years ago.

    So can anyone say they've used a USB HD to watch .mpg with the Cube?

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