Dish Network to Launch New Satellite

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    Dish Network to Launch New Satellite For HD
    By Swanni

    Washington, D.C. (May 26, 2011) -- EchoStar, the sister company to Dish Network, will launch a new satellite next year that's designed in part to provide more HD programming for Dish's 14 million subscribers.

    The company did not give a specific launch date for the rocket, which will be launched in partnership with International Launch Services. The new satellite will be located at EchoStar's 61.5 degrees West orbital location.

    In a press release, EchoStar said the satellite will provide "expanded services, including HD programming, for Dish Network's more than 14 million direct-to-home television subscribers in the United States."

    Dish Network has been aggressive in adding basic cable channels in high-def in recent months, unlike DIRECTV which has focused on adding a smaller number of premium movie networks in HD. But to keep pace, Dish will eventually need more satellite space to provide more HD channels and Video on Demand options.


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