Disable Youtube app?

Discussion in 'Google TV Apps' started by SteveLV702, May 16, 2013.

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    Is there anyway to Disable, Uninstall or someway Password Protect the Youtube app so my kids are unable to use it??
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    Good question...

    But no, ya can't. My main problem w/GTV is the fact that all yer browsing history, regardless of how many users you have are all shared. The only way to get around this I thought was to purchase separate accts. Boy, was that a dumb idea. As soon as ya sign on, the adult sites you might have visited are just as accessible as the kid's sites. Why? Dang, because there is no password protection between accts. Stupid, beyond belief. One of the things I liked about MSNTV 2 was the option to create completely separate user accts. Think about it. This device is on yer TV! Any stranger can gain access to all yer browser history and there is no line of demarcation between users. Ya really can't sign out. There is no password authentication unless you use sites like my.msn.com and are in Incognito mode. And still ya have to restart the unit to erase the last window feature. Yeah, we can kill history after each session, but this is an act that can be easily forgotten if we are interrupted during an internet session.

    This device was not designed w/security or our children in mind. Really sad...


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