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Discussion in 'LG Internet TV' started by Nicholi, Jun 1, 2013.

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    So what are some of the actual feature differences between the GA6400 and GA7900 models? Is it really just the stupid 240Hz "TruMotion" option? I don't really value any of the "motion type" features, either 120 or 240, and it would be the first thing I'd turn off on any SmartTV.

    The only other thing I see in the technical specs, the GA7900s are slightly larger and heavier. Which I'm guessing is just from slightly different frames.

    Just wondering why there is such a large price difference ($700), from only one feature difference (imho a terrible one)?
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    the differences are as follows....

    the design - the 7900 has the cinema screen design (no bezel)
    Trumotion - the 7900 has 240Hz trumotion which uses backlight scanning plus MEMC (motion estimation motion compensation) to achieve 240hz.
    CPU - the 7900 has a slightly better dual core CPU than the 6400 does (this spec is not provided to the public)
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