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Discussion in 'Vizio Co-Star' started by Maverich40, Dec 4, 2013.

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    This concerns several device-conflicts issues I have experienced with my Vizio Co-Star:

    1) older-model Magnovox LCD-TV when used with Vizio Co-Star triggers a non-correctable firmware bug
    This particular Magnovox LCD-TV firmware bug is apparently well known; once triggered there is no known way to correct it.
    Naturally, I just had to try my Vizio Co-Star with this particular model Magnovox and it triggered this firmware bug that causes the largest
    "picture settings" menu to constantly pop up on screen, remote control operation becomes flakey, and manual operated off button is ignored!
    2) I have been using 4-port HDMI switchers from Amazon.com for about 1.5 years now, not experiencing any problems with them up to
    using Co-Star that is.
    These HDMI switches allow LCD-TV's with only a single HDMI port to share up to 4 devices, and I always thought safely.
    If you just happen to ALSO have a Sony PlayStation 3, and/or Sony BlueRay players also attached, it appears that Vizio Co-Star
    "fights" with those Sony Devices for control of the TV... VERY ANNOYING. I am actually forced to unplug Vizio Co-Star when using
    Sony devices!
    3) I have a Curtis LCD-TV. This LCD-TV has worked with every other device but has a highly suspicious behavior when used with Co-Star:
    Sometimes after a few moments of booting up Co-Star (from powered idle state) the TV screen actually goes completely SNOWY!
    and then the Screen goes out completely, Black! As if the HDMI output from the Co-Star were malfunctioning!
    What I've been doing, probably not safest, is unplugging, and re-connecting the HDMI cable from Co-Star side, and that will restore
    image, but then this going ALL SNOWY AGAIN can repeat itself! This has been happening since first day I have put this particular
    Co-Star into service, on a Curtis brand LCD-TV, 19 inch. Co-Star actually has remote-control codes for this TV that appear to work
    properly. but what on Earth would cause this SNOWY malfunction to totally blank out screen?
    I have been afraid to connect this particular Co-Star to any other TV, since having my Magnovox trigger that annoying full-screen menu
    popup problem, rendering that LCD-TV utterly useless. There is no reset button, and no USB port to re-install firmware on that model
    magnovox. And this Curtis also has a weird problem, but ONLY when in use with Vizio Co-Star.

    That second Co-Star was purchased in October, this is now December, 3 month almost past, not sure I should just send this in for replacement or what for this "Snowy video" issue, this same 2nd Co-Star would not retain local time either for some reason, but a Reset appeared to fix that,
    at least for time being.

    And I have tried at least 3 different HDMI cables, it would be unlikely that all 3 different brand HDMI cables are defective.
    Using any OTHER device with Curtis TV HDMI port is fully reliable with no issues whatsoever.

    Thanks for reading through all this. Hope someone has useful comments suggestions.

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    I haven't seen any defective HDMI cables, much less 3 in a row so I don't think the HDMI cable is the issue either, it almost never is. I did read your post but didn't see that have switched Co-Stars between the two TVs to see if both cause the picture issue with the Curtis LCD, if not switch and see if you have the issue with both and be sure to have both connected the same way. If only the new Co-Star results in the issue, I would say return it. If both have the issue, try to eliminate a different cause, switch cables, inputs, HDMI switches, anything that could be the culprit. If both have the issue with the Curtis TV regardless of how you test, I am going to guess it is an HDMI communication issue with the Curtis TV and Vizio Co-Star although both devices can work properly with other devices, just not with each other. Which one is to blame or if both are to blame is difficult to determine but HDMI communication issues do happen, particularly with products that aren't among the mainstream brands, it is very rare for Sony, LG, Panasonic, etc. to have those issues.

    I have a Co-Star and I must say I am not a fan, I like the Sony Google TV boxes better, but I am not having the kind of issues you see.

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