Developers Working Hard on GoogleTV 2.0 with Android 3.1

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    If you would like to get a glimpse of the early development of GoogleTV 2.0 with Android 3.1, then you should check out this Geek.com article called, Google TV 2.0 – a look into the Android 3.1 “Fishtank”. It shares some details on how the development is going for the 50 lucky folks that made it into the "FisthTank" program, including hardware, peripherals, and new apps within the Google TV Android 3.1 version. There are also a bunch of screenshots, so besides the info you get lots of eye-candy. It looks like the development is going well, although there are some features missing that are causing some developers headaches. Hit the Source link to read more.

    Source: Geek.com

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