Developers Get Their Hands On Google TV Devices

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    Google Inc, working to promote and improve its new Google TV service, is giving away ten thousand of the devices to developers, the company said Wednesday.

    The Internet search giant gave away 3,000 devices at a developers conference held this week by Adobe in Los Angeles, said Amanda Surya of Google TV’s developer relations team.

    “We are focusing our efforts on empowering the developers of the world to make Google TV an even better experience, through websites that have been built with the TV screen in mind,” Surya said in a blog post.

    She said better-looking and more interesting websites built for Google TV will make the experience that much better for users.

    “We want to encourage a new generation of TV developers to come forward to make this vision a reality,” said Surya. “Which is why, over the next few weeks, we're planning to give away 10,000 Google TV devices to help developers start building for TV.”

    Sony Corp unveiled its line of high-def TV sets this month that feature Google TV, which joins together online content with traditional TV programming.

    For users who do not want to go out and spend money on a new TV, Logitech is offering a set-top box that can route Web content to existing television sets.

    Google TV, unveiled in May at a software developer’s conference in San Francisco, was developed in a partnership between Google, Sony, Logitech and Intel.

    Google TV is powered by Google’s Android operating software and runs the Google Chrome Web browser.

    28 October 2010, 05:00 CDT

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    I'm happy to have paid for mine I just want access to the SDK!
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    Where was my invite google? :)
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    I am totally un interested in developing apps for the thing. What I would like Google to do is come out with a Hardware Developer kit. In other words let those of use with electroinc abilities get their software and build one that actually works.

    The 2 companies they partnered with went the cheep route. Low powered, bad codec support to list just a few. Hell Sony is actually trying to sell thier tv version and it is only a 60 hz screen (talk about stepping backwards). Logitech is taking you from 1080 to 720 and hasn't produced all the features they have been touting.

    GOOGLE it's time to give the geeks a crack at it. Forget the companies that only care about adding dollars to their already billion dollar bottom line.

    Be different. This can change the interactivity of tv! But as so many times in the past, a great piece of software technology comes along and it gets intrusted to companies who only care about the money. And it fails miserably.

    One real audio/media supergeek on your team and you would have known all this.
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