December 2010: US digital pay TV platform

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    4Q10: The New Math APRIL 2011 Cable's Video Losses Mount ...
    4Q10: The New Math
    New Players, New Platforms

    By the end of December 2010, the US digital pay TV platform with the largest number of subscribers was ...




    The streaming movie (plus red envelope) service closed the year with just over 20 million subscribers. Next in line came Comcast, with 19.7M digital subscribers, followed by DIRECTV (19.2M), DISH (14.1M) and Time Warner Cable (9.1M digital).

    Once written off as a dot-com casualty, Netflix added 8.12 M subscribers across the year. Its annual revenue hit $2.16B and by March 2011 it was credited with outbidding some leading pay TV programmers for an hour long political drama series, "House of Cards."

    Of course, there are less glamorous stats in the Netflix story. (Average monthly revenues of just $12.19, 50% churn etc.) But Netflix isn't the only new competitor out there. Just consider Nielsen estimates which pegged unique online video viewers at nearly 144M for Jan. 2011. Or take a look at Hulu, Facebook and the dozens of programmer sites offering online long form video. Or checkout the latest news on made-for-the-web programming such as Kiefer Sutherland's "The Confession." Or ....

    You get the picture. This is the new math of media. For traditional players, it's not necessarily pretty.

    But before you reach for the tranquilizer bottle, let's look at some other stats.

    [​IMG] 4Q10: The New Math - April 2011
    Video Subscribers 3Q09 ~ 4Q10



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