Customizing Google TV Home screen

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    How do I customize Google TV Home screen on Revue?

    Add a new Menu item

    1. Select [​IMG]
    2. In the Pick a new section window select the application you would like to add.
    3. Select the Display Mode preference of List or Grid.
      • List: will organize the contents within that menu from top to bottom
      • Grid: will organize the list from left to right
    4. Click Done

    Delete a Menu item

    1. Select [​IMG]
    2. Select OK.
    3. Click Done to save your changes.

    Move a Menu item

    1. Select [​IMG]
    2. Use the directional arrows on your Keyboard Controller to change the position. The item will not move unless the Up/Down icon is highlighted in blue.
    3. Click Done.


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